When Lightening Strikes….

“Sea Glass…hhhmmm oh yeah that’s the stuff made when lightening strikes the beach like in that movie? Right?” Oh goodness, how many times have I heard this question? To this question I almost always respond, “Do you believe everything you see on T.V.?” Don’t get me wrong I loved the movie Sweet Home Alabama

In the movie you are led to believe when lightening strikesĀ  sand a beautiful piece of sculpture is created….

Could you imagine walking on the beach and finding something this beautiful. If this were true every beach would have thousands of metal rods covering it anytime there was even a threat of a storm. The above glass sculpture was created by the Simon Pearce glass company out of Vermont.

You may ask, “So when lightening strikes sand what really happens?” well….You get fulgurite and it’s not pretty.

I really hate to bust another myth created by the wonderful minds in Hollywood…but someone has to say it, “You can’t believe everything you see at the movies.”

What is your most prize possession found while walking on the beach?

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What is Sea Glass?

I have wanted to blog about sea glass for some time. But as with everything have not found the time to do it. So here we go. I am committing to blog about sea glass on a regular basis.

I guess we should start at the beginning and answer the question, “What is Sea Glass?” Well sea glass is not made per say from the ocean as many people ask me. No lightening striking the sand during a storm does not make sea glass. Although that would be very cool. I will write more on that later.

Old Bottles

In all honesty sea glass is trash. Yes, you heard me it is trash. However, Mother nature takes this trash and turns it into beautiful treasures. Technically, Sea glass (also known as beach glass, mermaid’s tears, lucky tears, and many other names) is glass found on beaches along oceans or large lakes that has been tumbled and smoothed by the water and sand, creating small pieces of smooth, frosted glass.

To sum it up :Glass Becomes Sea Glass or Beach Glass when:- A

Sea Glass

piece of glass has been tumbled by natural wave action to the point where there are no sharply-defined edges or corners, and 2 -The natural action of elements in the water along with sunlight and tumbling action have produced a unique frosted or etched surface covering all sides of the glass.
If these two factors are not present, it is just a glass shard, no matter where it is found.
*The term “Beach Glass” is more general and includes naturally-tumbled glass that is found on freshwater beaches as well as ocean beaches.

So now you know. Have you ever found any sea glass? What is your most prized piece.

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