Switching it up!

So the time has come to shut down my website…Actually I am transitioning it from a place of its own to totally being on Facebook. I was never really happy with the website and unfortunately, lack the expertise to make it the place I want it to be.

The website had become a little thorn in my side. One I tried to forget about but yet still hoped it would get better on its own. Obviously there was a problem with that logic.

So alas, the website will come down and the store is going up on Facebook. you can check it out by going to my FB page seaglassartbychar and clicking on the “shop Now” button on the left.

It is still a work in progress and I must say my photography is not the best but it will get better. I will be so excited to get this shop up and running so I can focus on the fun creative side of things.

Details are my undoing….Just ask my poor husband LOL

Do you have an online store? What do you use? How do you like the results?


About Sea Glass Art by Char

I love collecting sea glass and making it into pieces of art to share with others.
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9 Responses to Switching it up!

  1. Sorry to see you take it down, Charlene. Hopefully, FB will provide you what you want at the cost you are willing to pay. Good luck

    • Roy~ I am hoping through FB it will be much easier to post, process payments upload photos etc. The site just wasn’t working for me. I am sure it was because of how it was set up in the first place. But I am no longer working with that person and like I said now it is just a placeholder. I really want to move my online business so am thinking this is the way to go. Thoughts?

  2. qody says:

    I might be able to help you out, if you want to have a chat.

  3. I totally think it’s a great way to go. I haven’t completely finished stocking my store yet, but if you go to facebook.com/mkbymichelle and click the ‘shop now’ link on the left, you can see what I have up so far. MK has a LOT of inventory, so it’s going to take me awhile, ha! I love that I can go in and change the prices on items and create my own ‘bundles’ because it was something I was really frustrated about with my MK website. I think if I’m paying $50 a year for a website, I should be able to change the price of something when I’m having a sale! My customers would get confused, because I would say that an item was on sale, then they would go to my website and see it listed full price.

    Anyway, I went through and ‘liked’ your items. I know that items with the most ‘likes’ gets the highest placement on Payvment’s shopping mall, so I hope it helps. 🙂 Also, I’m pretty computer savvy, so if you have any questions about how to use Payvment, let me know!!
    -Michelle “Shorty” Campbell

  4. Charlene,

    I totally sympathize with the frustrations of a website. I’ve been through several developers with tons of headaches and disappointments. My latest endeavor is now a positive one — the right person for the right job is the trick.

    Just a note of caution — Facebook is GREAT for biz, but it is “borrowed” real estate online. Although I don’t see Facebook disappearing suddenly any time soon, the issue still remains that you lack control over the interface and your data. You’ll definitely want to be backing up all of your info on Facebook with a reliable source like Carbonite or Backupify. (there are tons of others out there.)

    Best of luck.

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