You see I have this Turtle….

I love making pictures out of the sea glass I have collected over the years. I love walking on the beach and finding these little treasures. I have so much beach glass it is really rather amazing. Now that we no longer live at the beach in fact we are no where near the beach I dreadfully miss it and the time I spent on it. Every time I sit down to create a new piece of artwork I think about my many treks along the beach bending over, squatting down, yelling with excitement as I found that awesome piece. I love making pictures with the sea glass I have. however the true beauty of sea glass is when the light can shine though it. So I found these awesome frames that have allowed me to make some new pieces.

I love these Frames and I love the way the light can flow through the glass.

At The Beach!

These frames started me thinking though…What if I could make some sculptures similar to stained glass but with sea glass? Thus the Sea Star was born:

"Dancing Sea Star"

Now I have this turtle which started this whole post.  He has over 100  pieces of sea glass in him and I really need to finish. But he seems a bit overwhelming…I guess I just need to start wrapping and wrapping and wrapping…..


I have big plans for this turtle and I am nervous he won’t be as great as I have him pictured in my mind. Does that ever happen to you?


About Sea Glass Art by Char

I love collecting sea glass and making it into pieces of art to share with others.
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2 Responses to You see I have this Turtle….

  1. Charlene,

    Love all the sea glass! So fun that a piece of trash can become such a beautiful treasure.

    I also enjoy all of your cool creations with the sea glass. I’ll be checking out your store . . .

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