The Legend of Mermaid tears.

Sea glass is often called “Mermaid Tears.” Here is the legend of the mermaid tears and why people call sea glass mermaids tears. Legend of Mermaid Tears. The maidens could change the mighty course of nature, but were forbidden to do so by Neptune, the stern, watchful god of the sea.
One dark, storm-ravaged night, with sails ripping and masts cracking, a schooner fought to find safety in Friendly Cove off Nootka Island in the San Juans. The ship was familiar to the mermaid who swam along its side . . . she had weathered many crossings with the ship and its captain. As the ship heeled in the violent wind, the captain lost his hold on the wheel, tumbling perilously close to the raging sea. In an instant, the mermaid calmed the wind and tamed the waves, changing the course of nature and saving the life of a man she had grown to love from afar.
For her impetuous act, Neptune banished the sobbing mermaid to the oceans depths, condemning her for eternity never to surface or swim with the ships again. To this day, her gleaming tears wash up on the beaches  as sea glass . . . crystalline treasures in magic sea colors, an eternal reminder of true love.


About Sea Glass Art by Char

I love collecting sea glass and making it into pieces of art to share with others.
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10 Responses to The Legend of Mermaid tears.

  1. I love mermaids as a kid I always wished they were real!

  2. Robin Thomas says:

    This reminded me of a wonderful day walking the Oregon coast with my two boys, picking up sea glass..It was a vacation day about 12 years ago- Thanks so much for this post!

    • ww4wusa says:

      Robin~ I grew up in A small town in Southern Oregon called Ashland. I have many happy memories of frolicking in the sand of the Oregon Coast. I miss it so much!

  3. I live in Mendocino Counties Anderson Valley, which is 45 min. away from the coast and the towns of Mendocino and Ft. Bragg. Just north of Ft. Bragg is Glass Beach, which is strewn with mermaid tears. People have yanked tons of tears away from this place over the years. Whats not quite so pleasant to inform you, is that the source of these tears is a long ago closed land-fill that was there right up against the beach until the 1970’s. Luckily no toxitity is also leeched from this old coastal dump site . . . just lots of magic, as when you approach certain areas of the beach after some high tides or storms, and the light is just right, you’ll be met by a beach of starry, rainbow-like amazement !

    • ww4wusa says:

      Hi Jim~ Yes I know about Glass Beach and it is a bit silly that I have never been there as I grew up in Southern Oregon. I guess I need to make a trip back home….

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