When Lightening Strikes….

“Sea Glass…hhhmmm oh yeah that’s the stuff made when lightening strikes the beach like in that movie? Right?” Oh goodness, how many times have I heard this question? To this question I almost always respond, “Do you believe everything you see on T.V.?” Don’t get me wrong I loved the movie Sweet Home Alabama

In the movie you are led to believe when lightening strikes  sand a beautiful piece of sculpture is created….

Could you imagine walking on the beach and finding something this beautiful. If this were true every beach would have thousands of metal rods covering it anytime there was even a threat of a storm. The above glass sculpture was created by the Simon Pearce glass company out of Vermont.

You may ask, “So when lightening strikes sand what really happens?” well….You get fulgurite and it’s not pretty.

I really hate to bust another myth created by the wonderful minds in Hollywood…but someone has to say it, “You can’t believe everything you see at the movies.”

What is your most prize possession found while walking on the beach?


About Sea Glass Art by Char

I love collecting sea glass and making it into pieces of art to share with others.
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One Response to When Lightening Strikes….

  1. aiden says:

    luv… you are right. the movies show a lot of beauty with blown glass. and it is sad that people believe that is what it looks like. but when two elements of that nature meet and create something, it is never ugly. never. thank you for this page and thank you for your honesty. but even though it is not like the movies. those REAL pieces are sooooo beautiful. again,thank you for showing them in their true form. they are beautiful. thank you again for the truth and this page.

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